Are you aware of an independent branch of financial service suppliers known as Asset Consultants who are not connected to:

  • Stock Brokers
  • Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Mutual Funds
  • Investment Advisors / Managers
  • Actuaries
  • Investment Planners

Our proprietary Performex ® Fund Investment Technology can put you and your advisors in a unique position to generate superior returns in both rising and falling markets.

  • Because the investor needs a thoroughly independent advocate with the right professional tools to pick winning Investment Managers and Combinations.
  • Because there is no built-in permanent Bull Market bias.
  • Because you are unlikely to hear about some of the best Investment Manager Combinations from any of the listed professional categories.
  • Because the safety and growth of your savings depends upon whom you choose to advise you on the selection of Investment Manager Combinations.

  • During the past 25 years, AAC and associated companies have been engaged in assisting corporate and multi-employer pension funds and other institutions in asset management planning and monitoring.
  • Since the mid-1990s, AAC has been developing methods which can effectively apply our successful institutional asset allocation techniques and methods to the private wealth sector.
  • What follows is not intended to provide a comprehensive view of the consulting process, but rather, an example of a very productive set of North American equity management allocations which can be configured in certain combinations to achieve specific client return, risk and market orientations.
  • Our Performex ® Analytical system holds the key to the successful exploitation of these techniques.